Brave 10 1-2

A ninja rescues a shrine maiden from some other ninjas, and then there is a lot of fighting.

In retrospect, I’m not sure why I was expecting this show to be good. I guess I thought it would be something like House of Five Leaves, but with more bishounen and more fighting. As you may have guessed, it isn’t.

If you are making a fighting anime, at least make some effort to provide a context or motivation for the battles. Super powered ninjas beating each other up does not make for a good show if they have no reason to be fighting each other, and while some shows can make up for that by being absolutely over the top and ridiculous, Brave 10 is not one of them. The first episode was a series of three meaningless battles, and the second can be adequately described as: fanservice, meaningless battle, giant explosion, and two more simultaneous meaningless battles. The show’s only redeeming feature is that its poor quality translates into excellent motivational poster fodder.


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