Moretsu Pirates 1-3

A girl discovers she is the heir to a space pirate ship, and thus comes to the attention of every space pirate, law enforcement, and government organization as she embarks on her journey to the stars.

An entire cast of female characters, and yet there is almost no fanservice. Amazing!

I am finding the show quite enjoyable, not only because it is a solid adventure series with a female protagonist who doesn’t exist just to show off skin, but also because of all the small things that make the setting come to life; checking suits before going out into space, ships designed for the three-dimensional movement of zero gravity, properly holding a laser rifle so the recoil doesn’t knock you off your feet, having the sun be especially bright in space. These are things that most shows just ignore, or that their writers don’t ever consider. Moretsu Pirates may not get everything correct about space travel, but it’s the only show I can think of that actually makes an effort.

The protagonist herself feels like a regular girl, albeit one who is accustomed to the existence of space flight and all the futuristic conveniences that her world has. Her ex-space pirate mother probably has something to do with her love of adventure, but even as willful and energetic as she is, she doesn’t take the decision of leaving everything she knows and becoming a space pirate captain lightly. I am looking forward to watching her continuing adventures, and will thoroughly enjoy seeing the rest of the wonderfully crafted universe in which she lives.


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