Aquarion Evol 4-5

The characters are bland, the plot is contrived, and each episode furthers its transformation into a generic romantic comedy, but I have to admit that I am thoroughly enjoying Aquarion Evol; at the very least, it gives me plenty to write about.

Considering that the writers evidently didn’t spend much time on the story, I won’t either. Just about every event in the show leaves the viewer wondering about the characters’ actions, and most of the plot is just filler that strings together awkward conversations and patently absurd mecha combat. And make no mistake, giant robot battles and romantic tension are what the show is all about. Aside from sex, that is.

The series is a giant autostereogram; at first glance, it is a mass of bright colors that form a fancy image, which looks like pretty mecha battles. But when you cross your eyes and take a step back, a new, hidden image comes into view. However, rather than being a 3D picture, Aquarion Evol turns into a huge, poorly concealed metaphor for sex. From the moan-inducing “unions” between pilots, to the protagonist rising into the air whenever he is aroused, and even the disturbingly suggestive lines that the main antagonist constantly delivers:

The entire show is about sex, which has some interesting implications that the writers might have overlooked. For years, all the students at the academy were banned from having relations with the opposite gender, with only homosexual three-ways being allowed. The proscription of love at the end of the third episode is effectively an encouragement of casual sex, and during episode five it was frequently repeated that Aquarion’s powers are greatest when its pilots are “at the edge of love,” which is one that I’m not even going to touch. And then there’s the fact that the robot’s super attacks are activated by the pilots’ climaxes.

I could go on about how there was an entire date episode full of electronic nosebleeds, but I’d just be repeating myself. Don’t think that I haven’t been enjoying this series, though; when the rest of Aquarion Evol is so ridiculous, having everything be a stand-in for intercourse seems to fit right in. Considering that it is both entertaining to watch and fun to write about, I will gladly keep watching to see what overly suggestive plot development comes next.


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