Winter 2011 Season Preview

This is quite a remarkable turnout for a Winter season, and it will be even more noteworthy if, unlike last Winter, the interesting shows don’t tumble into the ditch of mediocrity.  There is an overabundance of J.C. Staff, with three new shows to join the three continuing from the Fall, along with SHAFT’s long awaited sequel to Bakemonogatari and intriguing offerings from some unfamiliar studios.  We’re even getting two promising mecha series to go along with the inevitable dregs of romantic and gag comedy.

Click on an image to go to the show’s AniDB page.  Shows are listed approximately by air date.  I also make hilariously inaccurate guesses about what ratings I’ll give each show; these do not indicate in any way what rating the show will ultimately get, and mainly exist for me to despair about later when I realize just how overly optimistic I was.

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