Rinne no Lagrange 1-4

The most energetic girl in the world is chosen to pilot a giant robot, and she and two other girls fight against invaders from outer space.

Honestly, I never expected to see a magical girl mecha anime. And it appears that Xebec won the quality coin toss this time, so we’re getting a Mnemosyne rather than a Rio: Rainbow Gate!

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Moretsu Pirates 1-3

A girl discovers she is the heir to a space pirate ship, and thus comes to the attention of every space pirate, law enforcement, and government organization as she embarks on her journey to the stars.

An entire cast of female characters, and yet there is almost no fanservice. Amazing!

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Aquarion Evol 1-3

A boy meets a girl, falls in love with her, and uses his feelings to awaken a legendary robot in order to fight aliens from another dimension.

It was the music in the previews that convinced me to watch the show, and it does indeed sound wonderful. It’s also the prettiest anime I’ve seen so far this season, with pretty battles and beautifully animated characters. On top of all that, some effort has even been put into making the protagonist something other than an amalgamation of tropes and clichés.

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Another 1-3

A boy transfers to a high school in a small town, where he stumbles into a mystery centered on a classmate who shares the name of a girl in that class who died 26 years earlier.

While detective stories seem to be beyond the skill of most Japanese writers, give them a high school urban legend and they can work wonders. It’s dark, it’s creepy, it’s full of dolls, and I have no idea where it’s going to go from here. I suspect that people will start dying, and then it will be up to the protagonist to fix everything before his entire class ends up in pools of their own blood. Even if he is a rather generic lead, whose entire personality consists of being irresponsibly curious and ignoring warnings from others, the main focus of the story is not him, but rather the secrets that surround the town. It’s had a solid build-up so far, and I am looking forward to finding out what the hell is going on.

Fall 2011 Anime Awards

Everything did not go as planned

Last season might be long over, but having only recently regained a functional computer I’ve been running a bit behind. Regardless, it is now time for me to give last season’s shows what they deserve, which in some cases isn’t much. In general this past season was terribly disappointing, with a handful of good shows and a horde of mediocre-to-bad ones. Note that the only shows listed here are the ones that I managed to watch the entire season of, and thus does not include shows I didn’t watch at all (Maken-ki!) or ones that I dropped halfway through (Persona 4). And now, on to the awards!

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Winter 2011 Season Preview

This is quite a remarkable turnout for a Winter season, and it will be even more noteworthy if, unlike last Winter, the interesting shows don’t tumble into the ditch of mediocrity.  There is an overabundance of J.C. Staff, with three new shows to join the three continuing from the Fall, along with SHAFT’s long awaited sequel to Bakemonogatari and intriguing offerings from some unfamiliar studios.  We’re even getting two promising mecha series to go along with the inevitable dregs of romantic and gag comedy.

Click on an image to go to the show’s AniDB page.  Shows are listed approximately by air date.  I also make hilariously inaccurate guesses about what ratings I’ll give each show; these do not indicate in any way what rating the show will ultimately get, and mainly exist for me to despair about later when I realize just how overly optimistic I was.

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Thanks for visiting my anime blog.  I’m rather completely new at this, and it’s all a bit nerve wracking for me starting up a project of this nature, but I’ll give it my best shot.

Everything’s a bit blank right now, but before too long I’ll have a Winter 2011 preview up.  Once the Winter season starts up I’ll be picking a few shows for episodic blogging, so until then feel free to look around the site at my bio and pretty charts.