(Late) Leap Day 2012 Fate/Zero Image Dump

Happy Leap Day!

In response to an aforementioned lack of chibi Caster, and just because Fate/Zero is awesome and everyone should play Fate/Stay Night and then go watch it, here are some pictures to enjoy on this day that comes but once every four years.  And only an hour late!

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Fall 2011 Anime Awards

Everything did not go as planned

Last season might be long over, but having only recently regained a functional computer I’ve been running a bit behind. Regardless, it is now time for me to give last season’s shows what they deserve, which in some cases isn’t much. In general this past season was terribly disappointing, with a handful of good shows and a horde of mediocre-to-bad ones. Note that the only shows listed here are the ones that I managed to watch the entire season of, and thus does not include shows I didn’t watch at all (Maken-ki!) or ones that I dropped halfway through (Persona 4). And now, on to the awards!

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