Nisemonogatari 1-3

First things first, even with a different name, Nisemonogatari is the second season of Bakemonogatari, and without the background from the first show, you will hardly understand anything. That being said, I have mixed but generally positive feelings about the sequel.

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Rinne no Lagrange 1-4

The most energetic girl in the world is chosen to pilot a giant robot, and she and two other girls fight against invaders from outer space.

Honestly, I never expected to see a magical girl mecha anime. And it appears that Xebec won the quality coin toss this time, so we’re getting a Mnemosyne rather than a Rio: Rainbow Gate!

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Aquarion Evol 1-3

A boy meets a girl, falls in love with her, and uses his feelings to awaken a legendary robot in order to fight aliens from another dimension.

It was the music in the previews that convinced me to watch the show, and it does indeed sound wonderful. It’s also the prettiest anime I’ve seen so far this season, with pretty battles and beautifully animated characters. On top of all that, some effort has even been put into making the protagonist something other than an amalgamation of tropes and clich├ęs.

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Fall 2011 Anime Awards

Everything did not go as planned

Last season might be long over, but having only recently regained a functional computer I’ve been running a bit behind. Regardless, it is now time for me to give last season’s shows what they deserve, which in some cases isn’t much. In general this past season was terribly disappointing, with a handful of good shows and a horde of mediocre-to-bad ones. Note that the only shows listed here are the ones that I managed to watch the entire season of, and thus does not include shows I didn’t watch at all (Maken-ki!) or ones that I dropped halfway through (Persona 4). And now, on to the awards!

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