(Late) Leap Day 2012 Fate/Zero Image Dump

Happy Leap Day!

In response to an aforementioned lack of chibi Caster, and just because Fate/Zero is awesome and everyone should play Fate/Stay Night and then go watch it, here are some pictures to enjoy on this day that comes but once every four years.  And only an hour late!

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Black Rock Shooter 1-4

The romantic drama of a schoolgirl and her friends is acted out through surreal prismatic CG battles.

In case C wasn’t enough, here’s more proof that spending half your show on computer generated fight scenes won’t guarantee quality, but might guarantee QUALITY.

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The Five Categories Of Homosexuality In Anime

While I was reviewing the show about sex that I’ve been watching, I got to thinking about the more general theme of sexuality in anime. While there are countless romantic comedies, most of them are so formulaic as to not warrant discussion. And in other shows fanservice and romance are often added almost as an afterthought, to fill up time or attract more viewers or both. When anime writers actually put forth artistic effort into portraying sexuality, it is most commonly through gay characters. In the over two thousand hours of anime I’ve watched, portrayals of homosexuality have almost exclusively fallen into one of five categories. And while of course there will be some exceptions, these groupings cover the vast majority of series’ gay characters. So here they are, in order of increasing realism and decreasing infuriation.

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Senhime Zesshou Symphogear 1-3

Melodious magical maidens maul myriad masses of multicolored monsters.

While I had not been expecting to see a magical girl mecha series, I was even more surprised when I found a magical girl musical. But while the writers certainly got the ‘magical girl’ and ‘musical’ parts down, they really mailed in the setting.

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Area no Kishi 1-3

A boy, the younger brother of one of the best soccer players in Japan, has his life changed forever after one fateful accident.

When writing up my season preview, I read the first few chapters of the manga and found it rather good. Then I watched the first three episodes of the anime, and realized that I was horribly mistaken.

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Nisemonogatari 1-3

First things first, even with a different name, Nisemonogatari is the second season of Bakemonogatari, and without the background from the first show, you will hardly understand anything. That being said, I have mixed but generally positive feelings about the sequel.

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Brave 10 1-2

A ninja rescues a shrine maiden from some other ninjas, and then there is a lot of fighting.

In retrospect, I’m not sure why I was expecting this show to be good. I guess I thought it would be something like House of Five Leaves, but with more bishounen and more fighting. As you may have guessed, it isn’t.

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